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Eco Friendly Removals

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Eco-Friendly Removals

As part of the Armishaws Group, we’re committed to making sure every removal has minimal impact on the environment and are proud to be market leaders in eco-friendly removals.

Tree Sapling Growing, Illustration

One Move – One Tree

Rainbow Removals plant a tree after every completed move to offset carbon emissions.

A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.”
Greek proverb

Rainbow Removals Environmental Pledge

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Free Tree Planting

We plant a tree for every move to offset the carbon emissions of your relocation.

icon, habitat

Habitat Enrichment

We don’t pay someone else to plant trees for us, we own the land, plant and maintain the habitat.

icon, cardboard box recycling

Cardboard Recycling Service

We’ll collect your used boxes to be reused or recycled.

icon, recyclable materials

Recycled Materials

We use sustainably sourced, recycled boxes, wardrobe cartons, packaging and wrapping.

icon, recyclable materials

Recyclable Materials

All our materials are also recyclable, once used they‘re returned to be reused or recycled.

icon, non plastic bubble wrap

No Plastic Bubble Wrap

We only use an eco-alternative bubble wrap, which is chemically inert and completely recyclable.

icon, greener vehicles

Greener Vehicles

Our crews operate a fleet of especially adapted, lower carbon vehicles.

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Eco-friendly Drivers

All our drivers undergo specialist driver training to reduce fuel usage.

icon, biodegradable mattress bags

Biodegradable Mattress Bags

Single use biodegradable mattress bags lessen environmental impact.

icon, acid free paper

Acid Free Paper

Acid free wrapping paper is kinder to your items and the planet.

Making Your Move a Thing of Beauty

In 2020 as part of The Armishaws Group, we launched our Eco Pledge initially committing to reduce waste and emissions, while planting 2,000 trees over a five-year period. Since then both our plans and trees have grown.

Our Eco Pledge can be broken down into 3 key areas.

Carbon Offsetting

Resources & Operations


Green Fact

A mature oak tree can release enough water vapour to produce 151,000 litres of rainwater per year.

Carbon Offsetting

Simply put, for every move, we’re planting one tree to help offset the carbon emission involved in your move. This isn’t a remote service where our company pays another company to plant trees on our behalf. We’ve bought the land, we’re growing the saplings and our staff and family members play a part in planting the trees.

So far we’ve planted;

903 Trees

6000+ Hedging Plants

1000+ Tree Seedlings

March 2023 Update

But we aren’t stopping there. In 2023 we committed another 50 acres, with a final target of planting 50,000 trees.


Having researched the latest environmental practises, this year we began rewilding an acre of land as part of a new 20-year project.

This acre has been left to naturally reseed and cultivate to create a diverse range of trees and plants.

Rewilding allows natural order to bring native species back to where it belongs. This gradual growth will create a bio-climate where plant-life will thrive, removing pollutants and producing oxygen.

Our aim is to let nature do what nature does best. As saplings appear, we’ve wrapped them to guard against animals and frost, but apart from monitoring and recording progress, the land will not be planted or cultivated in any way.

Left naturally between 300 – 800 trees could take root in this 1 acre and in 12 months, we shall be measuring growth with a view to rewilding a further 8 acres over the next 20 years.

Green Fact

Planting 20 million more trees (less than 1 tree per UK household) would produce 260 million more tons of oxygen and remove 10 million tons of CO2 from the environment.

Resources & Operations

We’ve stepped up our efforts to reduce waste and emissions across our operations;

  • All our drivers undergo eco driver training to reduce emissions.
  • We’ve switched to a non-plastic alternative to bubble wrap.
  • Using only recycled and recyclable cardboard for our boxes.
  • Waste products from our shredding services are all recycled.
  • We’re driving lower emissions vehicles.
  • Using acid free wrapping paper.
  • And we offer a box recycling services to collect and reuse boxes wherever possible.

Green Fact

A single oak tree can support up to 2,300 different species of animals, birds, insects and plants.


We’re not simply planting trees. Trees are vital but unsupported they won’t produce a sustainable eco-system. Many companies are planting trees and while we applaud that, it takes more for new woodland to become fully established to be and able to protect itself.

That’s why we’ve planted 6,000+ hedging plants. Not only does this keep nutrients in the soil to help the trees, it prevents soil erosion. Most significantly it creates vital habitat for native species. It’s these species that will support the woodland as it grows.

March 2023 Update

Green Fact

A single large tree can produce enough oxygen for four people for a whole day.

If you’re going, go green with Rainbow Removals.

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