12 Strangest Things Found in New Houses

From the mildly “What’s that doing there..?” to the jaw-droppingly creepy!

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12 Strangest Things Found in New Houses

Finding unwanted furniture, pictures and even clothes left in the new house is surprisingly common, but occasionally movers have found some truly bizarre items and occasionally hit the jackpot!


1 – Which Witch?

In Wrexham a couple came across eight shows (all odd), animal skulls and a gun barrel under s staircase, the finds are believed to have been placed there to ward away witches.


2 – Cat-a-walling

Burying items in floors, walls and fireplaces to ward off evil is certainly not uncommon. A funeral director moved into a new home in Devon came across a 400-year-old mummified cat while stripping a wall. Comon across Europe, dead cats were a common means of ‘witch prevention’. The cats themselves were surely less than impressed with the notion.


3 – Spider Insider

Rabbit skulls in picture frames, iron nails and pots of urine in fireplaces, locks of hair were all thought to keep pointed hatted harridans at bay. In Brighton a newly moved woman found a small jar holding a dead spider and a burnt pin, again believed to be connected to witchcraft, although in this case it was more likely to be someone practising it rather than preventing it.


4 – And the winner is…

A lady in Glasgow won a competition in her new house after unearthing part of a human heart kept in a specimen jar. She bagged herself a brand-new sofa from ScS in possibly one of the strangest competitions ever!


5 – Let Me Out!

A couple in Norwich must have had the fright of their lives when they opened an abandoned suitcase in the attic of their new home to discover a head and torso. Thankfully the body parts belonged to a resuscitation doll from the 1970s.


6 – Bit Saucy

A new Hereford resident discovered a copy of an erotic novel, Rachel Rachel, from the 50s, under the bedroom floorboards.


7 – Put It Back On The Market!

Slightly more creepy reading was awaiting one newly moved couple in Liverpool. A polaroid picture and had written note from a child. Not so spooky? The previous homeowners didn’t have children (cue terrifying children’s nursery rhyme singing!).


8 – Boom Town

Want your move to go with a bang? While the discovery of WWII guns, ammunition and even hand grenades was once chillingly common, a family in Wisconsin, America took it to another level when they came across a missile measuring half a metre (20 inches) in length. Weird? Worrying? How about the fact that the missile was still live?!? The bomb squad arrived and had to detonate the device in the family’s front garden.


9 – Piece of History

Meanwhile back in Blighty, new homeowners in a village in Berkshire discovered an 18th century bible. Inside the previous house occupants had kept a detailed history of the village and its occupants, allowing the new movers to track down the descendants of the bible’s original owners.


10 – Well, well, well…

When investigating a ‘weird dip’ in a front room of his newly acquired Victorian home in Plymouth, a newly moved gentleman lifted sections of the floor to find a well, at the bottom of which was a medieval sword. South West of England…? Mysterious sword…? Is anyone else thinking ‘Excalibur’?


11 – In The Money

A far luckier discovery in America came when a couple and their two young sons moved into a new house in Salt Lake City. The father noticed a hatch in the garage ceiling. With the help of a torch and ladder he soon found himself looking at $45,000 in cash, stamps and bond certificates. The honest family managed to reunite the windfall with the previous owner’s grateful son.


12 – Sacre Bleu!

Head and shoulders above all other discoveries has to be one that occurred in a house in Angers, France in 2008. While in the attic of their new home, which previously belonged to a tax-collector by the name of Jacques Bellanger, a couple found a severed head. And not just any old bonce, but the crown wearing bit of King Henri IV. Monsier Bellanger had bought the home, complete with royal noggin, from a couple in 1955 and apparently ‘forgotten’ the head was there. The macabre item which had originally been purchased at auction in 1919 for 3 francs, was tested by pathologist Philippe Charlier, who went on to write a book on the subject. Charlier claimed, "The DNA is clear: the mummified head found again in 2008 has the same genetic heritage as the dried blood of Louis XVI found on a handkerchief the day of his decapitation in 1793,". Both his book and DNA findings are still hotly contested in France. One thing historians can agree on is that the much revered and ‘kindly’ King Henri was buried beside other previous French monarchs in 1610 in Saint Denis basilica, just outside Paris. In 1793, French revolutionaries dug up the royal remains and chucked the whole dynasty into a mass grave which later opened in 1817. At this time, Henri’s head was missing. To this day the mystery and identity of the head is unresolved, it was placed in a vault but the descendants of the Bourbon family, where it remains to this day.

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